Keeping fit with Kids- The Mummy PT gives her tips and tricks

‘But I’m too busy to exercise!’ Sound familiar? Have you heard yourself saying this to yourself again and again even though you’ve decided that this is the week you’re going to start exercising? We all know that life with kids can be all-consuming, leaving very little time to look after yourself, however I am passionate about helping mums to find some time (and I promise it’s possible!) for them to look after themselves and feel human again.

Why is it so important for mums to exercise?

If we as mothers don’t look after ourselves, then how can we keep going and ensure these small humans are happy and healthy? It has to start from within and there should be no guilt attached to wanting that time. As a mum myself, I totally understand the time constraints and energy levels which make exercising after a long day working and being mum very difficult, but just 15 minutes of exercise can all you need to feel and look great!

The Mummy PT’s top tips:

Here are a few fitness hacks that may help you on this journey:

  • Start small: nap times, TV time, play time. Make it work for you and have a set of go-to exercises which you can slot into those 10- to 20-minute gaps. For example: 10 reps of star jumps, squats, lunges, fast runs, burpees, etc. Aim to get that heart rate up!
  • Get the kids involved: particularly older kids will respond well to a bit of competition “right, who can do the most sit ups in 1 minute…. go!!”. Make an obstacle course in the garden or the house, go running next to them when they go out on their bikes. It’s all about being creative to get them involved.
  • Be a good role model: it’s so important to let your kids see you enjoying exercise and making it a priority in your life so that they will replicate this and look to you for inspiration. I leave my exercise mat out most of the time and my 3-year-old loves doing some stretches with me or copying my moves. Maybe try out some short online classes and let them join in with you!
  • Put it in writing: grab your diary or the family calendar and write down exactly when you can do some exercise, let everyone see it and then tick it off when you’re done. Trust me, this helps a lot!

My final thought is probably the hardest to implement, LOVE YOUR BODY! Accept that it may have changed since having children but try to remember what it has done for you and is continuing to do. Embracing your body is hard but life is too short to feel rubbish, exercising is not only great for the body but also for your mental health. Energy breeds energy, so once you start exercising you will begin to feel amazing and have more energy for your busy days.

If you’re thinking of getting started or need some more motivation, then you may be interested in joining my weekly online classes. Classes are 40 minutes long and at various times during the week in order to fit in with our busy mum lives! All abilities and fitness levels are welcome including pre- and post-natal. You can subscribe to get all of the workouts in case you miss one, enabling you to catch up whenever you want.

Sarah (aka The Mummy PT) is a level 3 qualified personal trainer with specialisms in pre- and post-natal training, she has learned how to balance fitness and a healthy lifestyle with being a mum. Sarah’s holistic approach focusses on being healthy and strong for your children, rather than as a way to punish your body or “earn your food”.

You can find her @themummypt on Instagram (where she also shares healthy meal inspiration), or contact her at for more information on how to start your fitness journey.


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