The benefits of being an After School Student Nanny

“Part-time, Flexible, Fun! Better than bar work and offering great hourly rates and genuine transferable life skills…”

Many students work part-time to earn spending money or to pay bills, fund tuition or save for post-graduate life.  Sadly, a lot of part-time jobs never make it onto a CV because they are seemingly unrelated to students’ coursework or employment ambitions.

Part-time work as an After School Student Nanny is never wasted experience.  It could make you stand out to employers and bolster your future CV:

Whether you are considering working with children in the future or will choose something completely different, the work you do looking after children now will give you excellent transferable skills plus the benefits of being a trusted and valued member of a family:

  • Prove your time-keeping skills and improve your time management
  • Gain confidence in all basic household management skills such as cooking, menu planning and grocery shopping – or even family admin
  • Put your academic knowledge to use with homework assistance and school project management – or even tutoring in your own subject
  • Improve your communication skills by relaying important information from school to home and managing children’s social diaries – setting up playdates, arranging birthday parties, planning outings during school holidays
  • Remind yourself every day how important childhood is!

After School Childcare is the most logical part-time work for students across the board and for families needing this type of childcare students are the obvious choice.  It’s a “no brainer” and a winning combination every time.

But it’s by no means a one-way street.  Nearly all of our student nannies share the same passion for being part of a child’s development.  These are just a few testimonials which illustrate how rewarding this work can be:

“I started to work in childcare to learn English and realised how much I love children.  I enjoy knowing that I am part of the most important period in their life.  I can be part of their childhood and hope I also can affect them to be a good person as an adult.” – Beth, 29, Hungarian

“I am an English language teaching graduate and have always loved working with children.  I have found that children feel comfortable around me and I am skilled at recognising and nurturing the potential in them.” – Monique, 23, British

“I like the opportunity to deal with children because, I keep learning with them and also I can help them out with their issues, from doing the homework, feeding them with healthy meals, teach them funny and educated activities. As nanny, I appreciate supporting the children in their growth. Also, they encourage me and inspire me to be the best I can, because they look up to me as an example to follow.” – Diana, 24, Portuguese

“I enjoy working with children because I like a variety of activities such as arts and crafts and sports. I know that supporting them in gaining skills for independence such as cooking healthy meals and problem solving are important for both children and their parents and I feel that this is something I can help provide. I also find that there is a lot I can learn from them (most recently this would be how to do a cartwheel!) and the enthusiasm to share these skills is infectious.” – Stephanie-Louise, 20, British

“Although I am a university student, I have always managed to stay in the childcare business alongside my school work. When I saw the advertisement to care for children through this agency, I noticed I could still attend university. With this, I believed I have found the perfect match.  I have had years of experience when it comes to caring for children. Although I do not have any of my own, I have found great joy in providing care for children. Being able to use your own talents and interests in order to create memorable everyday experiences for the kids is very rewarding.” – Ayla, 21, USA

“Through my previous experience of academic work with children in France, I realised how much enjoyment can come from seeing a child fulfil their potential.  I was so happy to see students who had previously struggled with English, start to enjoy the subject and become much more competent. I feel that my drive to make a child succeed is due to my desire to see them achieve what I know they are capable of.” – Edward, 23, British

Many of our nannies are putting their nanny experience to use in their chosen field right now and sometimes our families can offer useful advice or even contacts when you’re setting out on a career.

“On an individual level, I believe it is important at some stage in life to start giving back to society: I have a strong desire to contribute towards social development as a show of gratitude for everything I have been able to achieve in my personal and professional life. One of the most meaningful ways of doing that is by working with children and helping nurture their intellectual, emotional, social and personal growth… The world can be an unkind place and it is my responsibility as an adult to help children navigate through their formative years wisely and securely. I believe having young adults around in the capacity of mentors and/or caretakers provides a valuable opportunity for children to express themselves, channel their creativity, learn and have diverse experiences. However, the strongest motivation to work with children arises, no doubt, from the characteristics that children possess: their curiosity, honesty and resilience are a reminder of the values and strengths we must hold on to dearly every day.” – Maria, 30, Pakistani

“I’m an outgoing and capable Law graduate, studying for my LPC. Having come from a large and active family I feel I would be well suited to nannying after school hours. I think I will miss the hustle of family life being in London and feel that it will be a pleasant challenge to help support a family and get to know their children and help them with their homework and after school program.” – Elizabeth, 22, British

“I enjoy working with kids as they are the future. It’s a pleasure to help them discover their life and new skills. Also, I am a Bachelor of Music and I can help kids to get to know new instruments and the basis of music theory.”  – Olga, 21, Latvian

“Working with children is very rewarding. I want to work with children as I like to help children develop important character traits like honesty and discipline, as well as social traits that will help them have fuller lives and make friends. I have a passion to help children to develop learning skills that they will use to their benefit for the rest of their lives. I believe working with children is an important way to ensure that they develop the right behaviours to take with them as they grow older. It is important that children do not lack care so they should be supervised at all times. Working with children can have a positive influence in their lives.” – Jahida, 24, British

“I love working with children and enjoy doing lots with them, from being creative to playing sports.  I believe children are the future so we have to invest time into them. I am also completing my degree in Therapeutic psychology and would like to continue with working with children. I enjoy working with families a lot and just helping and supporting in any way I can.” – Chloe, 28, British

“I think it is very important to talk to children with a real respect for their imagination. I believe kids should be taught to be as inventive as possible to really let them flourish as individuals. From a young age I have always been highly creative and love drawing, painting and making things out of nothing! This is something I would really want to incorporate into activities with the children I’d be caring for. I am also a very active and outgoing person. I love football, rugby, cycling, swimming, badminton, table tennis…you name it! I would be so happy to play/teach sports to kids and take them to sporting events. Family is extremely important to me so I would always do whatever I can to help out and guarantee the best possible quality time for the children and parents. I hope to work with kids as a job in the future, so the more time I get to spend with them now, the better!”  Sebastian, 23, British

“Inspired by my siblings, I have always felt comfortable looking after children and caring for their needs… Working with children has also helped me develop as a person, as I am continuously motivated by their creativity, endless energy and resilience. I also love watching them grow up as it makes me a happier person.” – Tahseen, 19, German


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