Top Tips for Becoming a Successful After School Granny

  • Be Proud of your Age – You have years of experience on your side. Use it to your benefit.
  • Your life skills are invaluable – Turn the skills you have acquired at both work and home into highly valuable skills that will benefit an employer.
  • Appetite for Work – Your age group know what hard work is, you’ve been doing it all your lives.
  • Reliable – “Baby Boomers” are well known for commitment to their jobs. Use this to your advantage.
  • Personable – Your generation have grown up with face to face contact with people throughout your lives. This is a hugely important skill when dealing with people.
  • Older women have highly valuable skills to offer society – As people get older they are often overlooked or ignored. Everyone is trying to recruit the fresh faced workforce but forget how valuable older people’s skills can be to them. We truly value our older nannies, they bring so much more to the job because of their experience and personality which takes time to develop.

Finding Your Work-Life Balance – At this stage in life many women are looking for a part time job that can give them a true work-life balance. They’ve done their bit working long days and they now seek something to help fill those few hours each day to bring in some money whilst still having their own time to enjoy life.

Jill loves the job she found as an After School Nanny: “After a long career in journalism I found myself in my late 60s with no real role in life. I had previously looked after children when I left school. When working I had also volunteered to read with children in my local schools which I loved. This seemed a very natural way to return to the working world with convenient hours, not much travelling and the added bonus of a really great job looking after children. I knew from the first day that it was the right family. It is collecting two boys from school, taking them home and giving them tea, playing etc. I love it. The boys are charming and love to play games so the afternoons are great fun.”

Michelle is a part time nanny to Zac, aged 4: “Grandchildren are the best thing about being a Grandparent. Being a Nanny is the next best thing.”

You Have Skills You Don’t Even Know About – Remember that when looking for a job, age is just a number. With a positive outlook and a can-do attitude, there are so many jobs out there waiting for you. Why not get your notebook out and write down the jobs you have done in the past, both inside and outside of work. Don’t forget that raising a family and running a household are no small feats. You have to be organised, punctual, efficient and disciplined to make sure your jobs get done and the family is fed.

We’re always excited to hear from older women because they are such a good fit for the families that are looking for After School childcare, it’s a match made in heaven.”

Don’t take our word for it…

“I became a Nanny because I have a life time of working with children as a teacher but now need a more one to one, calm experience” said Sandra. “Working with After School Nannies was very easy, they were very professional, very attentive and also very supportive and caring with me. I never felt alone, I felt they always had my back. They also have an amazing selection of families. I currently work with two lovely girls, early morning school drop-off and afternoon pick-up, activities, homework and tea. When the parents aren’t around I’m responsible for them, their happiness is my job. I have been with my family for more than a year now. What can I say about my job? That I love it, that it makes me happy, that it’s not always roses but at the end of the day the balance is always positive and I hope I see these girls happy and with a brilliant future.”


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