What type of people become After School Nannies?

There is no blueprint but it does suit two main groups who characteristically embody all the qualities that families look for.

After School Students: Bright, young academically focused individuals who bring vitality, energy, enthusiasm and fun to the children they care for.  Often the first option for families with a focus on homework or for children approaching academic milestones.  Students also make great “buddies” and life mentors. The Benefits of Being an After School Student Nanny.

After School Grannies: Older women from a variety of backgrounds offering the security of experience, a safe and mature pair of hands, the confidence which comes with age. Often the first option for children transitioning from Nursery into School.  When the priority is tea, basic homework and the routine of bedtime, an after school granny can “deliver” with the ease and confidence which younger children find comforting. Top Tips for becoming a successful After School Granny.


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