Why Civil & Corporate trust After School Nannies

Well, it has been the most fascinating of times working with Elizabeth Rackow and her extraordinary After School Nannies. Now, some 15 years later, witnessing many nanny companies that have sadly fallen by the wayside with a plethora of legislative and DBS changes, Elizabeth has remained steadfast and tenacious, building a purposeful and cutting-edge organisation with such passion and care. We are extremely lucky to have After School Nannies as one of our family and look forward to maintaining our proud partnership for many years to come.

I am certain you are all aware that the CRB/DBS was formed after the horrific Soham murders by Ian  Huntley. Two innocent girls, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, were brutally killed by Huntley who should never have been employed near children under any circumstances. He had a history of sexual and violent allegations against him with young girls, but he had changed his name to Ian Nixon. Due to the disarray between police forces and social services at that time, nothing was held on a central file and the names were not cross-checked. This fatal flaw also missed a charge of burglary which would, in itself, prevented his employment at the school.

In 2002, following the Bichard inquiry, the CRB began where all local and criminal information was held centrally on the PNC. Crucially, this extended to ‘Additional Information’ where sensitive, personal material could be shared with employers which revealed potential safeguarding issues. This was a massive leap forward.

In 2009, that all changed with Sunita Mason reforming the CRB to the DBS and such information was made only private for the individual. This left employers in the dark regarding certain criminal activities and additional information where we used to help explain offences to staff members and help with employment issues quickly.

However, the importance of checking names  – especially married women (80% do not provide their maiden names) dates of birth and address history cannot be understated. The police are now incredibly sophisticated and need to pull all that information together or the vulnerable may not be protected. If anything is verified incorrectly, there is the potential for another Huntley situation, especially as there are so many fake IDs easily purchased these days.

At Civil & Corporate Security Ltd, we pride ourselves in having measures in place to stop most applications being submitted incorrectly and usually have results within 24 hours as they are correct from the outset.

All I can reinforce to you is double check everything and keep your precious ones safe. Just look to the shining example of After School Nannies if you need the perfect model.

This blog post was written by Jackie Thompson, Director, Civil & Corporate. For more information on their work, check out https://www.civilandcorporate.co.uk/


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